built on Hedera’s mainnet, Hashgraph Exchange (HEX) aims to Revolutionize crypto trading through a fast, secure, fair and fully decentralized exchange.

on 9/16, the day of Hedera’s open access, we release the alpha version of HEX, with the initial trading pair: XLM-Hbar.

say goodbye to the old , and hello to the future!



DDoS and Sybil attack-resistant due to best-in-class Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance.



Technical, legal, and governance controls ensure a stable network that will not fork.



Term-limited council of global organizations with no rights to dividends or profits from the network to avoid collusion or self-dealing

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About Hashgraph Exchange

Hashgraph Exchange (HEX) is world’s first decentralized exchange that runs on the Hedera Hashgraph network. It’s fast, secure, and 100% decentralized, which means traders have complete control over their funds. Trades are executed by Hashgraph smart contracts, which will be openly accessible to the hard wallets of various cryptocurrencies. (i.e. Bitcoin and ethereum wallets) A nominal processing fee in Hbar, Hashgraph’s native cryptocurrency, will be charged to use the platform, with the amount assessed according to the volume of a particular trade. The fee will be used to pay the Hashgraph nodes for hosting and running the HEX platform, and to reward developers who contribute to the development and maintenance of the platform. Future updates to the HEX platform will be performed seamlessly with minimal interruption to end users. 

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Meet the team

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“the hacker”


Rajkumar Natarajan - Tech lead

“the innovator”

Jim Gao

Jim Gao - Business development

“the dreamer”

Akira Shirai

Akira Shirai - Design

“the artist”


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